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Shanghai Tashi Test Technology Co.,Ltd
Tianjin Textile Fiber Examination  Institute
Shenyang Clothing Examination Institute
SGS(Shanghai)Test Technology Co.,Ltd
Dalian Clothing Examination Institute
Beijing Dazhong Clothing Group
Tianjin clothing Import-export company
Tianjin spinning and weaving (holding) Limited company
Beijing Textile fiber Examination  institute
Guangdong Province clothing examination institute 


Adress: B-10F2 Huasheng Plaza No.146 Weidi Road Hexi District Tianjin, China




GOLDYARD INTERNATIONAL GROUP is a import and export company and a specialization group register in HongKong in 1995 which conclude three companies over the world: GOLDYARD(Tianjin) International Trade Co.,Ltd, GOLDYARD International (Sweden) AB and GOLDYARD Development (South Africa) company.

The group mainly devotes in the import and export business develops, service direction mainly take import and export gobal products and sell to mainland China . The group keep good friendship with more than 30 customers in mainland China  and the government . From 2006, the company mainly devoted in developing Sweden market, and  join Sweden associations recommended by ISA that pours into strengths for group's development for  hundred years.  Group product mainly cover spinning and weaving, clothing, textile machinery equipment, handicraft and fine chemical industry.

For the better cater to International market demand,combined with China's international trade policy,relies on the group many year specialization import and export experience and the sales network, together with stable channel and founational preparation so that make a briage for foreign products be able to enter mainland China  fast, convenient and correct.Hope that under the leadship of our Chaiman Taylor Sung,establish strategic and cooperative partnership with companies all over the world and create a better tommorow.

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